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Take off with us to the destination of your choice. Baltimore Helicopter will save you valuable time and money on your next trip. Whether it's an important business day trip, a sports trip or overnight excursion, Baltimore Helicopter will get you to your destination safely and conveniently as we fly over the traffic and avoid time-consuming airport trips or long drives.

We are able to provide On Demand service so scheduling is fast and simple! Jessie Bowling, our charter coordinator, handles scheduling needs and price estimates. Each trip is customized to meet the demands of the client, from a golf outing, business retreat, trip to Atlantic City or an overnight in New York, we can get you there quickly, safely and comfortably, with no waiting lines.

We operate throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennslyvania, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, Newport News, Ocean City, Baltimore City, Philadelphia, New York City, Atlantic City, Eastern Shore, Leesburg, Teterboro, Norfolk, Pittsburg, Newark, and more! If you need helicopter transportation throught the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast US, we are there! 

Take a tour of the city!
Create a special occasion for your loved one or friends. Dine on the Eastern Shore while your private helicopter waits outside of the restaurant. View the Baltimore City sights from above. We can accommodate up to five passengers in our Bell 407 with prices starting at $1800.00; our six passenger Bell 430 starts at $3500.00 per flight hour.

We will create a regularly scheduled trip for a group to beat the traffic!
Dulles or Northern VA... The Eastern Shore... Philadelphia... NYC. You choose!

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