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About BMC

About BMC

Marina Rules

For the safety and well-being of our customers, guests and employees, the following rules and regulations are in effect at all BMC locations:

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All areas are to be kept clear of clutter and tripping hazards.
  2. Propane grills only on boats. No charcoal, etc.
  3. No swimming or fishing allowed in marina waters.
  4. Pets must be leashed at all times. You must pick up after your pet. Bags are available for your convenience.
  5. Stairways shall not take up more than 24 inches of the finger pier.
  6. Fueling of a vessel in any slip is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All fueling at the Marina must be done at designated fuel docks.
  7. All slip renters must adhere to Clean Boating Tips as set forth by the MD Department of Natural Resources at
  8. Nothing may be stored on the piers or fingers, except in dock boxes available from BMC.
  9. Work on a vessel must be by an insured contractor that is compliant with BMC's insurance requirements.
  10. No spray painting, fiberglass work, wood sanding or major engine work while boat is in slip.
  11. Place all trash in the cans provided. Over sized debris is the responsibility of the boat owner.
  12. Do not place or spill any pollutants such as oil, batteries and the like in trash receptacles.
  13. Do not discharge type I or type II MSD's in marina waters.
  14. Use your holding tanks as per government regulations. A pump out station is available at the fuel dock.
  15. Do not pump oily bilge water overboard. We suggest the use of oil absorbent cloths in the bilge and the use of biodegradable cleaners whenever possible.
  16. All hazardous chemicals such as used oil, fuel, batteries and antifreeze should be properly stored and recycled. The nearest recycling center to BMC is located at Baltimore City's Northwest solid Waste Yard located at 2840 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21221 (410) 396-6071. West Marine will take old batteries at no charge.
  17. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the piers - please refer to your slip agreement.
  18. The lockers in the shower facility are for daily use only. Any locks left overnight may be removed.
  19. Do not wash anything containing oil, paint, fuel or any hazardous substance in the laundry machines.
  20. Loose halyards are to be secured when at dock.
  21. No heaters on boats are to be left unattended.
  22. Nothing may be attached to pilings without the permission of the marina office.

Have a Safe Boating Season!

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